About Me



Thank you for visiting Natasha's Food Adventures! If you love food as much as I do then you are definitely in the right place. Life is too short to eat boring food!

All Recipes Are Tested

Something I learned early on when searching the internet for recipes is that sometimes things don't work out like you think. That's why all my recipes are tested in my kitchen first before sharing them here.

I'm Not A Culinary Master

....Yet! Haha! Although my background started in my home kitchen, I have learned a lot about cooking over the years through trial and error. I just love to cook!

I Love Variety

I get bored eating the same thing every week. My goal is to provide you with recipes that keep your meals fun and interesting. Whether it's Italian or Mexican food, you will find a little bit of everything here!

This Is Not My Full-Time Job

Although my dream would be to one day work from home or travel the world and blog about food. I currently work full-time as a marketing director for a medical aesthetics practice. This is my side hustle that keeps life interesting!

I Love To Cook!