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Cafe Topes – Breakfast & Coffee In Carlsbad Village

Once a month my husband Jarod and I make a fun trek up to Carlsbad Village for the day. We love the vibe and that it’s close to the ocean. During our trips we’ve encountered a few amazing restaurants as well. One of them is Cafe Topes. They were actually voted best breakfast in Carlsbad!

You know right away that the place serves up amazing food and coffee due to the line that can get a bit long. Thankfully it moves quickly and they have ample seating to accommodate everyone. Plus, if you’re a succulent junky you will love their indoor decor.

After we made it through the line we were greeted at the counter by a friendly staff member who didn’t seem annoyed that we were first time visitors with lots of questions. I don’t know about you, but when I haven’t been to a place before I often ask the staff what they like. To kick things off I ordered the lavender latte. For years I thought it was weird to have any sort of floral flavor in my coffee but now I’m obsessed and will pretty much order it anytime I notice a coffee shop offers it.

The food came out pretty quickly once we were seated. To start, cinnamon rolls are my weakness. That’s why Cinnabon is so successful! Try walking by one and not having the sudden urge to purchase a giant cinnamon roll. Once that smell hits your nostrils it’s game over! The Cafe Topes cinnamon roll has an option to order it “dirty” which means they will lather it with extra frosting. I’ll be honest, I instantly regretted not ordering it that way! I opted for the cinnamon roll without it and the frosting was so good all I wanted was more.

The other two breakfast items were intimidating when they arrived, but they tasted so good we destroyed them with an impressive swiftness. The breakfast burrito was a special menu item that’s not always available. It’s the country burrito which has all the makings of biscuits and gravy but instead of the biscuits all the eggs, sausage and potatoes are swaddled in a giant burrito that’s smothered in gravy. I would happily order this again, each bite was packed with flavor. If you’re hungover, I guarantee this is the cure.

Last but certainly not least is the Captain Crunch French Toast. I’ll admit I expected the french toast to be covered in cereal but surprisingly the cereal is mostly blended into the batter so it had a really nice consistency and flavor without destroying the rough of your mouth. Some of the best french toast I’ve ever had!

Jarod and I have another date planned to head up to Carlsbad Village soon and I’m definitely looking forward to paying Cafe Topes another visit so I can try more of their amazing menu.

Natasha lives in San Diego, loves cooking, dining out at local restaurants, blogging, photography and taking trips to Disneyland with her husband Jarod.

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